Astro Gold Android

Astro Gold is the mobile astrology Android app that you have been waiting for!

What’s New

October 2015 – Astro Gold for Android has finally arrived!!! It has been optimised for both phone and tablet-sized devices. It’s been a long process – in development for more than two years, but we didn’t want to release it until we were sure it was ready for you. 🙂


  • Cast new Natal charts
  • Cast Solar Return charts
  • Cast Secondary Progressed charts
  • Cast Solar Arc Directed charts
  • Cast Relationship or Composite charts
  • Save charts to file and open charts from file
  • Edit charts
  • Re-open a recently used chart
  • Import and export chart files via email
  • Chart files are fully compatible and interchangeable with Astro Gold iOS and Mac, as well as “Solar Fire” desktop astrology program for PC
  • Select either 1 chart or 2 charts at a time for display (single or synastry)
  • Print charts or send chart images by email


  • Zooming/panning display to view hi-res wheels and grids
  • Single Chart Wheels
  • Bi-Wheels
  • Aspect grid with aspects of longitude and declination
  • Synastry grids


  • Basic chart details listing
  • Chart aspects and/or synastry aspects listing (sorted by planet or by orb)
  • Interpretations reports
    • Natal charts
    • Solar Return charts
    • Transits to natal
    • Secondary Progressions to natal
    • Synastry


  • Displayed chart points (36 points available)
  • Aspected chart points
  • Aspect set with editable aspect orbs, including different applying/separating orbs
  • Wheel display options
    • planet colors
    • sign colors
    • wheel styles (many supplied styles to choose from)
    • dark/light background
    • proportional houses on or off
    • aspect lines & glyphs on or off
  • Chart calculation options
    • zodiac type (tropical or 7 different sidereal zodiacs including Fagan-Allen, Lahiri, DeLuce, Raman, UshaShashi, Krishnamurti and Djwhal Khul)
    • house system (25+ systems available including House Systems – Campanus, Koch, Meridian, Morinus, Placidus, Porphyry, Regiomontanus, Topocentric, Equal, Zero Aries, Solar Sign, Whole Sign, Bhava, Alcabitius, PF on 1st, Asc in 1st, Vertex on 7th, + Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto and Node on 1st.)
    • lunar node type
    • part of fortune type
    • lunar parallax correction
    • black moon type
    • angle progressions type
    • Your home location (for transits charts)
  • Your home location (for transits charts)


  • Uses full ACS Atlas, with 250,000+ locations from around the world, and comprehensive world timezone history
  • Allows lookup of any location or street address via Google Maps search


  • Uses Swiss Ephemeris for state of the art precision in astronomical calculations – ephemeris range 1200 BC to 2400 AD.


Astro Gold will run on any device that runs Android v4.0.3 or higher (API 15+), and has an official version of Google Play installed. It is designed both for phone and tablet sized devices.

  • Price: US$24.99 (from Google Play)
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