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Astro Gold OSX 2 User Guide

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Astro Gold OSX is a high quality modern astrology software package for Apple Macintosh computers.

Astro Gold is exceptionally easy to use astrology software designed from the ground for up for Macintosh computers. In this our first version we focused on creating a simple yet intuitive interface providing access to all the basic astrology functionality you would expect from a modern astrology software package. Now, in version 2.5, we have started adding additional high-end features that will also suit intermediate and professional astrologers. The result is a reliable and elegant solution for all astrologers. And looking into the future we will continue to add features for the beginner, intermediate and professional astrologer.

Astro Gold uses the Swiss Ephemeris for state of the art precision in astronomical calculations and the very popular ACS Atlas. The chart file format is also fully compatible with our AstroGold program for Apple and Samsung devices, and the Solar Fire program for Windows based PCs.

Getting started

Getting started with Astro Gold is very easy, see Quick Start for how to cast and view a chart in a matter of moments.


Key Astro Gold features

Astro Gold can cast the charts you'll commonly need  - you can cast new Transit and Natal charts. And from those subsidiary charts - Solar Return, Lunar Return, Secondary Progressed, Solar Arc Directed, Composite and Relationship charts.

You can save charts to file and open charts from file, including instantly re-opening a recently used chart. Any chart you have created can also subsequently be edited.

Charts can be displayed in a single Wheel, biWheel or triWheel - for seeing transits and/or progressions to a natal chart for example, or for seeing the synastry between two natal charts.

Charts can also be displayed in a Dial for single charts, a biDial for two charts, and a triDial for three charts.

Every chart has an associated grid in which it's aspects and declinations are displayed, or for a pair of charts their inter-aspects are displayed.  You can switch between the (bi/tri)wheel and the grid with one mouse click. The wheels and grids are crisp with high resolution.

The Chart Explorer shows a variety of detailed information about any point in a chart that you click on.

You can view a basic chart details listing that shows for each chart point it's longitude, declination and house, and you can sort the list using any of these. A chart aspects listing can also be viewed, sortable by chart point or orb. Finally you can view an Essential Dignities listing sortable by chart point or score.

Transit listings are possible, with many customizable options including which transiting and radix (usually natal) planets to use, which aspects to use and what orb for those aspects to apply if any, planetary stations, house ingresses, sign ingresses, and of course the time span.

Astro Sheets combine the above charts and listings into unique pages of information containing a mixture of wheels, tabulations and other informational objects.

You can generate a Graphic Ephemeris for transiting planet movement and aspects or transits to a radix (natal or subsidiary) chart, plus Full and New moons, using a range of modulus angles and planet selections.

You can view interpretation reports for natal and progressed charts, transits and the synastry between two people.

You can purchase "add-on" professional reports that go beyond the standard interpretations, being generated as graphically illustrated PDF files.

You can edit and print any chart, and transfer any chart to Astro Gold iOS (for apple devices) or to Solar Fire.

Astro Gold is also very flexible thanks to it's highly configurable nature.  


Astro Gold is a world leader in mobile device Astrology software!